Apple in Education

From the beginning, Apple believed that some of the most powerful opportunities for technology in the hands of educators and students can help draw out the potential of every individual, no matter how they learn and what they love to do. When schools and teachers expect more of what’s possible with technology, they raise the bar for what their students’ learning should look like and how technology empowers them to help make that happen.

Apple Professional Learning
In partnership with an Apple Professional Learning Specialist (APLS), we will endeavour to create conversations with school leaders, teachers & technicians around ‘why’ technology in education is critical to the success of fully integrating digital technologies in learning & teaching. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach for the successful design of strategic plans, including change management strategies, and designing professional learning models.

An Apple Professional Learning Specialist guides fellow educators to reignite their love of learning. Providing the skills necessary to deepen learning by introducing inspirational, innovative and exciting ways to use iPad and Mac, integrating it into their current practises.

With an emphasis on sustainability, APLS trainers can guide leadership teams to match their vision of achieving an impact on specific learning outcomes using technology. As experienced educators themselves, they can provide a unique insight to support teachers in their professional development.

Apple Education

Apple Teacher
Apple created the #AppleTeacher program to support and celebrate educators with free professional development resources. Become an #AppleTeacher and get access to free lesson ideas, learning materials and guides designed to help increase productivity and spark creativity in classroom workflows.

Some of the training available in partnership with Apple and one of their APLS team are –

Code is the language of the future. Learning to code helps improve the way students think, collaborate and solve problems. Apple designed the free #EveryoneCanCode curriculum to give everyone the power to learn, write and teach #Swift. Coding is an essential skill for helping students understand a world driven by technology. Learning to code can unlock students’ creativity, help develop problem-solving skills and open career paths. Explore the #EveryoneCanCode curriculum today. The #EveryoneCanCode program from Apple offers a range of free resources to help teachers introduce all students to coding and to develop a skilled #coding workforce around the world.

When students are able to show their learning in creative ways, passive learning transforms into active exploration. They listen more, experiment more and are ultimately more curious. Discover the #EveryoneCanCreate curriculum from Apple. Creative thinking leads to deeper student engagement. When students are engaged, they take ownership of their learning. Find ideas that fuel creative learning in your classroom with the #EveryoneCanCreate curriculum from Apple.

As K–12 and higher education institutions around the world adopt remote learning, Apple has resources to support you.
IT leaders can read Prepare your Apple devices for remote learning for information on preparing their environment and Apple devices for remote learning.

The App Store has curated 5 new app collections; Learn at home: apps for pre-schoolers, Learn at home: primary school kids, Learning at home: high school students, Apps to help you teach remotely and Learn and Study From Home collection to help educators and parents get the most out of their Apple products.

Find best practices for how to clean your Apple products here.

To support your transition to an online learning environment, Apple created the Apple Education Learning Series. Presented by the Apple Education Leadership and Learning teams, each video is designed to help educators use the built-in features of their Apple products to enable remote learning for all students.

Additionally, as part of the ongoing efforts to support the transition to at-home learning environments, Apple has created fun activities to keep young learners constructive and creative at home.

The 30 Creative Activities for Kids are designed for ages 4–8+, require minimal parent participation, and come in an interactive PDF to kids iPad in fun and active ways. Follow #CreativityForKids on your favourite social media site to see what kids are creating!

We invite you to follow Apple on Twitter @AppleEDU for chats with other teachers about remote learning and join the Apple Teacher Learning Center to stay up to date on using Apple products and services.